Bear ones another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ- Galatians 6:2

Empowering God's Children for a brighter future. 

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.
— Galatians 6:2 NIV

To have a healthy, protected, and peaceful child free from any form of exploitation, violence and abuse, thats our mission.


Who are your volunteers?


Hope Harvest Uganda currently has 4 volunteers.

  • Waiswa Festo Innocent -Country Director-Uganda
  • Namukose Hellen -Coordinator
  • Tibakawa Eunice -Child/spiritual Development office
  • Magoola  Jackson-Office Assistant

volunteers are helpers at Hope Harvest Uganda to implement the organization activities. They are basically always at office to make sure office is alive and open every day. They are committed volunteers even if they are not paid at the moment. They love their responsibilities and above all, they are all God fearing persons which has made them to be committed to serving as volunteers

All of the volunteers live in kamuli town and are renting such that they can be able to be at Hope Harvest Uganda because their home villages are very far. All the volunteers went to school and are professional in the different fields. At the moment all the volunteers apart from me(Festo) are singles and therefore have no families.


Where do these children come from?  

These supported children come from kamuli/Buyende district  in villages like Butaaswa, Kamuli municipal council, Kiwungu, Nabirumba, Buwanume. There are currently 15 supported children are both vulnerable and orphaned. Vulnerable meaning that some of them their parents are still living  but can’t provide for them like medical care, school fees and all that.




People in kamuli are Basoga by tribe and speak lusoga as their mother language. They are friendly, lovely people, also very cooperative and above all they love God. Kamuli people like to eat posho, cassava, potatoes, matooke, rice, beef, fish etc. For fun kamuli residents enjoy watching football and music

The biggest Challenge for kamuli/Buyende is lack of safe water, low education and lack of education facilities like schools. Also health is a challenge since the population is high but the health facilities are few. As you all know that Uganda is a third world country, kamuli is poverty-stricken with poor people in all situations.



When we fundraise for the children, how do they get the supplies?

When the fundraising is done, money is sent to Hope Harvest Uganda in Uganda using either western union money transfer or world Remit money transfer service. Local staff then withdraw the funds from the bank to get to a nearby town to purchase the school supplies. Usually we go to kamuli town for purchase of school supplies since it is the nearby town. For other items like computer and some big things, we go to Kampala, our capital city, to get quality and at good price. Going to Kampala is still a strainuous trip, being a three hour trip one-way. Going to kamuli to buy school supplies, we hire a motorcycle and get there. If one motorcycle is not enough, another one is rented. Getting/hiring a truck is expensive for us now.



Gods Children Unite

Even being thousands of miles away, we can still make the impact that changes these childrens lifes. Bless Gods children with your contribution today.